Scuba Diving Cape Town

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Scuba Diving Cape Town


We have sourced the best Scuba Diving Cape Town Courses instructors have to offer with ratings and reviews to help you choose the most trusted institution to tech you how to scuba dive like pro Scuba Divers in no time.

Padi Diving Courses

Padi Scuba Diving Courses are the most popular amoung Scuba Diving Cape Town instructors recommendations for newbies to take and I’ll collect information to let you know of the differences between Padi and other Courses.

Cape Town Scuba Diving

I myself have not been Scuba Diving Cape Town at the time of creating this post but look forward to changing that soon and sharing my experiences with you and hope you’ll share yours with me.


Current Scuba Diving Prices In Cape Town range from R1200 – R1900 for Adults and R900 – R1100 for kids older than 12 years.