Scuba Diving Courses


Scuba Diving Equipment

Scuba Diving Equipment used include a mask for clear vision, scuba regulator & tank – to provide oxygen – Fins for mobility & a wet suit to keep you warm.

Scuba Diving Equipment

Scuba Divers

Scuba Divers should submerge underwater as deep as 39.5 meters as adviced but not forced by the scuba organizations.

Though a new world record has been set by a man who dove 305 meters which is almost 10 times the recommended and lives to tell the tale.

Scuba Divers

Scuba Dive

Prices to learn how to scuba dive varies depending again on where you choose to get your lessons. A few things to factor in over an above the lessons themselves from some companies may be booking the area/pool & certification – if you want to become an instructor.

Scuba Dive

Scuba Gear

A full set of Scuba Gear to purchase as opposed to renting will vary in price depending on the brand of equipment you have preference for.

If however, you are not brand conscious, you might just be able to save yourself money by spending Rxxx.xx as opposed to Rxxxx.xx for big name brands.

Scuba Gear


How Much Does It Cost To Rent Scuba Diving Equipment

The price to rent out Scuba Diving Equipment depends on where you rent them from.

Each piece of equipment needed is rented out separately on either a daily or weekly rate.

Where To Sell Equipment

If you are looking to sell your equipment, your best bet would be a scuba shop & if you get no luck – prices lower than expected you can try the online classifieds & auction marketplaces.

What Do Scuba Divers Use To Breathe Underwater

Scuba Divers Use a combination of a regulator & an oxygen tank to breathe effectively while underwater.

Are Divers Attacked By Sharks

It is vary rare that you hear divers being attacked by sharks, because of their experience and planed dive sites they are able to avoid such incidents.

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Scuba Dive

On average a scuba dive course sold as a package of 10 lessons costs around Rxxx.xx with the amount excluding rental equipment that’s needs which you might not own.

Why Cant Asthmatics Dive

Please consult a medical doctors & ask him for the reason as to why asthmatics cant dive because we dont have any medical knowledge we cannot assist you further.

Do Pawn Shops Buy Scuba Gear

Most big pawn shops don’t buy scuba gear for the simple fact that they don’t get bought.

If you are looking to sell your previously loved gear, then look to dive Schools & shops that sell second hand items.

Can You Take Gear On A Plane

If it is a private plane then sure why not but on commercial airlines you will not be able to take your gear on board without checking in into the luggage department.